Felicity Jones

Felicity is a hands on artist. Primarily she is a skilled blacksmith and specialises in metal fabrication and re-appropriation. Her work reflects an intricate and organic personal style, often revealing an urban ornateness. She can work on original designs as well as using found objects, such as car parts, to create weird and wonderful flora. One of her great Gardens successes has been the Speaker Flowers that carry the various bleeps and tunes across the venue.

She is also one of the keen gardeners in the collective and has been creating urban gardens for many years as part of the Random Artists collective at Temporary Autonomous Art events. Her hand can be found weaving wires and vines alike to create the organic and natural vibe. Alongside her metal work and gardening, Felicity is also a graduate from the London College of Printing and is an award winning photographer. This pathway has seen her working with disadvantaged kids in East Africa during her project MyWorld.