Wasteland Alchemy Tour 2012

FreezeFest, Prague

TILD Festival, Amsterdam


Occupy LSX @ St Pauls 2011

Tipping Point Ahead:

Offering our voice to the symposium of ideas abounding during the occupation outside St Pauls Cathedral in London.

Freeze 2011

Digital Takeover:

Part of FreezeFest 2011, a minimal installation into a hanger with large scale projection.

Glastonbury 2011

The Abandoned Museum :

The Gardens 2nd year at Glastonbury Festival.

TAA London 2011

A Temporary Autonomous Garden

Once again the Synthetic Gardens takes root amongst the temporary Autonomous Art exhibits

Sidworth Street 2011

Spring Gardens 2011:

The first shoots of creativity burst into 2011


hackney wicked 2010

Reclaimed Gallery:

Gallery and Bar venue forĀ Hackney Wicked.

Glastonbury 2010

Dystopic paradise:

The Gardens 1st appearance at Glastonbury Festival.

TAA London 2010

Reclaiming Rubbish:

Long time collaborators, Temporary Autonomous Art (TAA), create space for the first fumbling of The Synthetic Gardens.